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February 21, 2019

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There is a huge wealth of talent and creativity in our local community and we wanted to share some highlights with you. From artists, silversmiths, candle and soap makers, to artisan bakers, ceramists to weavers. There is an abundance of unique hidden treasures to be discovered.


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Island Botanics has grown from childhood days spent making perfumes out of wild rose petals and mixtures from meadowsweet, wild thyme, heather and the obligatory mud, into soap recipes making use of the abundance of natural ingredients surrounding us. Taking their inspiration from locally grown


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Small weaving and sewing business in Glendale, north-west Skye. On their bicycle pedal-powered loom they are weaving tweed, throws, scarves, wraps and more. To have a look at the weaving workshop, arrange a time by phone or email. Provenance and quality are our guiding principles. Scotland has a

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